Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Drink Bar

I know this isn't really about Decorating or Organization but this blog is also about creativity and making everyday things fun so I thought I'd post it!
I made a Creepy Halloween Bar for my friend's party and had SO much fun!

Here is the bar. I used a basic black bowl and glued the halloween trim to it. All the labels were made with basic scrapbook paper and ribbons that I found. Using halloween inspired sticker letters would have been expensive and time consuming. An easy solution is to download cool fonts instead. All the fonts I used were free. I didn't take a good picture of the wine covers I made but they were quite cute too and are in the background of the bar.

This is the cosmo with Dry Ice and it was so much fun! Dry Ice has several rules that you can easily find online if you want to try it one day. As long as you follow the safety guidelines, it's a blast and really made the bar creepy and cool! The ice popped and bubbled in the ladel.

Yes, gross. That's the point. Isn't it fun? You can see I set it up with some shot glasses but I didn't think anyone would actually drink it so I didn't put out a serving piece. One person wanted to try it and he said it wasn't that bad! Note that if you do a fun gooey shot like this, it's all about the container. This in a shallow glass or colored item would not have looked great--it needed something pretty to make it look all the more creepy!

This is the sandwich I made. It is just crossaint dough wrapped around ham and provolone. Easy but fun! I also made adorable eyeballs for dessert for the kids that were SO easy but I didn't take a picture!

I LOVE crafting things for holidays so stay tuned--it offically is the season! I'm also working on TWO baby showers this month and will have lots of fun with those as well!

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