Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a difference a window treatment makes!

I showed you this completed room a few months ago and had not yet posted a picture of the entire window treatment. This slider is 16 feet long and was quite a project! This massive space needed quite a POP and I created that with green dupioni silk. Here is the BEFORE:
The topper is one continuous piece and is double sided with a blackout liner in the center. It weighed a ton and I could barely lift it on my own. The side panels are backed with the same blackout liner and they close to block light on the afternoons that they want to lie on their comfy couch and watch a movie.

This client had a friend visiting one day and he said this was the "sexiest" window treatment he has ever seen. I thought that was quite a unique compliment!

Note the back patio as that will soon be the BEFORE of the redo for their outdoor space.

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