Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Shower for McKenley!

I so enjoyed being able to help my sister-in-law celebrate the exciting arrival of her new daughter, McKenley. This is my first personal experience with adoption and it is really an amazing experience! Scrambling with no real plan is rather interesting and NOT what I am best at but I think I and her friend Normia pulled it off with only a few weeks notice! This shower was hosted at Normia's home and I really enjoyed just showing up with stuff and throwing a party! I have been loving paper lanterns and this was the first time I used them. I made the banner with fun paper and my new Cricut--what a great machine! There is a closer picture of the start of the banner so you can see it better--it said "McKenley is Here!". I showed you the diaper cake last week but here it is in its official place at the shower. The Baby sign was just something fun that I did because I couldn't stop playing with my Cricut! That sign with the shadow letters took me like 10 minutes? Is this a Cricut commercial? Sorry! The cake was made in Sebring and was gorgeous and tasted great!

A few silly games! It wouldn't be a baby shower without games! I am a fan of interactive games where you don't have to stand in front of a crowd and talk 'at' them and where they have to sit all together for 45 minutes. We played a game where you were blindfolded and you had to find safety pins in rice for a specific amount of time and it was quite difficult!

This is a 'memory' game that I put together. I mentioned before that I am hosting a second baby shower this coming weekend and am doing this game with a fun twist so check it out when I blog in early December!

This was fun and simple--guess the amount of pacifiers! It's hard to see here but these are the cute decorative pacis that you can buy at Michaels or party stores. It was fun to not only announce the winners but to also see how low and how high some people guessed!

This is a gift that our Aunt Harriet has given us for every single baby! I should have taken one out for a better picture but they are imprinted disposable diapers with the baby's name on it--cute!!

What a fun shower and great celebration! Every baby is a miracle and every baby comes (hopefully!) from dreams and anticipation but there is just something special about the reward you get when the path of adoption is added into this process. She is a little miracle for her parents and big brother (who thinks his little brother will come in "another week") and I'm so proud to be a new Aunt!

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