Sunday, October 12, 2008

House Tour-Red and White 1/2 Bath

This is our 1/2 bathroom which is off our side entrance.

My "pretty" item in this bathroom is the sink and wall mounted faucet. I love vessel sinks but I am not contemporary at all and 90% of vessels are. I spent a long time shopping and found this one on ebay, perfect for our farmhouse! I love ebay!

My something "neat" item is next. This large corner behind the door needed something and these baskets were a housewarming gift from my friend Amy! We are in a rural 'swampy' area and have a pool so it is filled with bug spray and sunscreen along with lotions and, or course, TP!

The funny wire bride on top of the rolled towels is something I made for my wedding and the jar has a bridesmaid boquet in it. I was married in a rose garden and there are little red roses scattered at her neck and waist. I made 3 or 4 of these brides and they were spread out on the buffet table if I recall. I kept one and never had anything to do with it until we moved here. I thought it blended right into the red and white bathroom!

Since this is a house tour and I want you to feel like you are truly a guest here, I should show you what is always a conversation piece when I have company. If you were really here, you would come out of the bathroom chuckling and if you didn't live in our area, you would ask me WHY! It's pretty self explanatory--we have a septic and some don't understand that you can't put a lot down the drain! Every time I had a large group of girls over, we would be calling a plumber days later. SO, I made these and put little bags in them that I found online at a hotel supply site. There isn't one in my bathroom or my kids but the guestroom bath, this bathroom and the pool house all have a color coordinated bag! You do what you have to do right??

I love decorating this bathroom for Christmas and switch out all the smaller red towels with fun, whimsical ones and it's quite cute in here!

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Tami said...

Neat idea about the little plastic bags, but you can also find them in the baby isle in the department stores. People use them to put diapers in. I use them in our camper!

The Pretty Neat Company said...

They are actually white waxed paper type bags like you see in hotels and cruise ships. So you can't see through them at all and you can fold the top down. Seemed a discreet option was necessary! It's a horrific topic but one those of us without public plumbing must face! :) Since I got them from a commercial supplier, I have enough to last me years!