Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wallpapered Niche

Here again is the before:
I asked if anyone had any idea what I was up to and yes, you guessed it--Wallpaper! I know, wallpaper is not on the top of most of our lists of great things. If you have ever removed it, you are, I'm sure, with me! I knew I wanted something different in this area above my refrigerator. I had lived with the green for a year, thinking and thinking about what it is I wanted to do there.
At one point, I though it would be fun to decoupage it with scrapbook paper as I was inspired by this from several decorating blogs. But I'm picky. And they didn't railroad. Meaning--match, line up, connect. So I checked out wallpaper and fell in love with this wine label paper. It had great bold color that matched my home so I decided to just do it! I bought the cheapest paste so that I can pull it down in a year or two when a new idea strikes me. I picture this spot being a place where I can move things around as I am inspired or my collections change.
Once I was done, the red pottery just was too much with the white and the wallpaper so I pulled more of my white collection together (American Atelier, Athena with a few pieces from their Baroque line). I do not normally encourage wallpaper but it's great for a small 'pop' in places like this. You can back display cabinets or bookcases too! This spot took me 5 hours by the way, imagine wallpapering the inside of a box! I won't take this project on again anytime soon!

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