Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Crafts!

I've been busy crafting! I attended the Memories Expo with some friends and then we spent a day finishing our class projects and doing other scrapbook stuff! We had a great time! Lisa is SO fast that she finished all her projects and offered to transform items I had into a wall hanging for the pool house! Here is what she whipped together in an hour! I would have done it very symmetrical and simple and it would have taken me 4 hours! I love how she is so creative and girly with all the bling!

Then I bought this Creative Memories Everyday Display that I think is 18"x18", it's the big one. I copied this before picture from another blog since I didn't take one so if that person sees this picture and notices it's hers, Thank You for being more focused than I and taking it!

I tried to grasp Lisa's free flowing creative style and then did this! I'm working within square lines so not quite as cool as hers but I do love it!

Soon, I am going to tell you about a project I did that may have taken my skills at craftiness and desire to not waste money a bit too far . . . I think The Nester would be proud of me!

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