Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kids School Work

How many of you are SO proud of the hand print flower or first short story that your child brought home but don't want to put it on your fridge? This is a universal Mommy Issue! There are many solutions, depending on the space and layout in your home that will allow you to clean up the clutter on your fridge while letting your child display their work that you are so very proud of!

Here is a picture of what I have done in my own home. I really wanted to take it all down and 'clean it up' before I took a picture. But really, the beauty of it is that the kids put up whatever they want, it looks a bit messy but it is all in one place, they are proud, it's not in boxes or on a counter and it is in a part of my home that you don't see unless I have truly invited you in. Win/Win! At the end of the school year, I will take it down to preserve what I would like in their school albums.

During a consultation, I can help you determine the best place and items needed for you to create this yourself or I can provide all the items and install one for you if you like the way this looks! My kids love to switch out their work and this is a GREAT place to post all things school related. Where do you put the lists of things you need to send in for a party in two weeks or the list that comes home in the spring with back to school info? Or the monthly kids lunch menu if they must check to make sure that it's not refried beans day! These things will never get lost in a 'to do' bin again! There are many options that will work in your home to pull all your family's school stuff together!

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