Thursday, February 21, 2008

Magazines and a "To Read" bin

These are often an issue in homes where they collect on counters or side tables or even stack on the edge of couches. Just like everyone needs a 'to do' bin, everyone needs a 'to read' bin. But remember, they should be pretty! Here is the one on my coffee table. Not only do I put magazines and catalogs in it, but also the school newsletter, a flyer that came in the mail that I want to check out or a manual for an item that I just bought but haven't gone through yet. It all goes there but there are 2 rules to this system:

1. If the stack starts to fall over, it's time to sit and read! Pour a glass of wine, send the kids to play in another room and read, read, read! My extended family members can tell how busy I am by how tall my stack is. Sometimes you just have to make yourself sit for a while!
2. Toss it or file it. Do not read it and put it back in the stack. If you don't need it, toss or recycle it. If the item or article is a resource that you need, file it. Most likely, these items should be going into a magazine bin or into your Family Resource Binder. If you are saving it, think about why you are saving it. Just make sure there is a future use for it and that you aren't collecting catalogs. Remember, almost all of it is online anyway! FYI, most often I need to have my calendar nearby during my reading time too. School newsletters for instance have dates I need to add to my calendar. I don't recommend just moving it from reading to a new stack of 'to do'--just have your calendar handy and do it at the same time!

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