Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Calendars, post its and pens!

Are you always looking for these things? How many times have you said 'just a second, let me find a pen' or 'let me get a piece of paper . . . '? And what about that calendar? I'll admit, I had my years when my husband was able to say, I didn't see that on the calendar! Well, now he can't! I love scrapbooking and whenever I can find a way to make something that helps me stay organized, I go for it! My board is right at our side entrance where we can't miss it! The events pocket is where I slip a child's bday invitation or concert tickets or a printout receipt for an upcoming convention I have registered for--anything that is on that calendar that I will need for an event! The emergency contact tag is quite simple--numbers a babysitter would need most likely but poison control is there too and I may need that someday. The post it notes are obvious but where are the pens? The flowers! My now 9 year old helped me make those when he was 4 and I love to be reminded of that sweet day. My husband and children would never walk off with these so I always have pens just for me! Of course, I bought my favorite pens because this is all about making something work for the person using the space! If you aren't into flowers or even the scrapbook look, this can be done with a memo board and very classic labels and the post its and pens could be in a stainless steel hanging system or drawer built into a cork board.

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