Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I believe kitchens can be functional and that things can be in easy reach without being cluttered. As a kitchen designer as well as Mom to two boys, I strongly encourage appliance garages. This kitchen, which I designed for my own home, has two. The one in the corner has a plug in it and the toaster is always plugged in. The one on the right hold those 'all the time' things like bread and salt and pepper and the butter dish. The paper towels are even on the counter but you can't tell because it is behind the hand towels on a beautiful rack I found at http://www.ballarddesign.com/. I have many ideas when it comes to where things should be placed and how food should be organized and would love to help you reorganize your kitchen so it functions better for you. If you are building in the future, I can assist you in two ways. #1--I can work with you through out the entire design process. I am the designer for our family owned cabinet company, Interior Cabinet Design and we sell 4 brands that can cover any design element you require from the very high end where the options are limitless to our lower price point that provides gorgeous, high quality cabinets with flexible yet affordable design features or #2-- if you have a cabinet company in place but want to ensure you are maximizing your new spaces for the way your family will live, I can provide a design consultation to ensure you are maximizing your storage, space and functionality. Everything CAN be in your reach without it being seen!


Linda said...

I clicked on BallardDesign.com and americanfurniturewarehouse.com comes up. Can you help?

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

This is just sooooo sooooo pretty!! Do you know the name of your paint color?