Saturday, April 12, 2008

My first blog "After"!

I am finally ready to post after pictures of the family room I have redone. I focused on utilizing what they had as they have lots of beautiful, new furniture and accessories that they have collected in their travels. Other than buying a small side table and a large expense in silk fabric, the rest of the room was transformed through some new accessories and rearranging what they owned. Every single thing purchased has color and I'm sure you will agree that it makes a huge difference.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Pieces were added to maximize the tall walls. Color now gives this room life! The walls and shelves still utilize her collections while obtaining a better scale to the room. Storage solutions were found for things like magazines and remotes under the coffee table. See the green on the pillow? That's the same silk I used on their 16 foot long (yes, huge!) custom window treatment! I have never sewn anything so large--the valance weighed 40 lbs I think! You can see on the left that space was found for a massage chair from another room that the owner loves and here is a picture of that area, which also shows you one side of the window treatment.

This slider is so large with so much light coming in that a long shot has not come out yet but I'll keep working on it and am sure you can imagine how much this space has changed!!

I am still working on many other spaces but wanted to show you the progress so far!

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Jenn said...

The room looks great. Thanks for sharing the finished product.