Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have readers!!!!

Wow! Welcome new readers!!! I barely know how to put up posts and hadn't even shown my mother until last night yet people are visiting! My blog was designed by Jennisa (her link is on my side thingy and she does SUCH a great job!) and I am listed as one of her designs and it seems 2 people have come and even left me comments! I have comments! :) And one of my sister's friends in Georgia said he will be following. I am now a multi-state read blog! I feel famous which I know is sad. I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this so thank you for showing me what it feels like to have someone look at what I am up to! I have a web address ( but have NO idea what to do with it (so it is "parked" and is a future project) and have an email address ( but I have no idea what to do with that either! Someday, once I am not spending hours just getting the format of one blog correct, I will figure that stuff out as well as start wandering and visiting you all too, I promise.

Since it feels so great to have comments, go ahead and keep them coming! :) And if you have a decorating or organizing question or "issue", let me know and I'll do my best to come up with a project and example in the future for you!

And a special 'shout out' to Jenn who has left 2 comments and added me to blog reader! I have NO NO NO idea what that means, though I assume it alerts her that I have written something?, but it makes me feel really special! Hee hee!

Thanks for visiting and I will do my best to post things that will keep you interested! And by the way, I wrote a lot in the past without actually getting around to taking pictures of the projects that go with them. I'm recalling my Family Resource Binder, kid's paperwork area and magazine bins to name a few so give me a few weeks and then go back and check them out too if you would like to see those completed posts!

Because I really love blogs where there are lots of pictures, here is a picture of myself and some of my girlfriends at a party I had this past October. I have known them all since middle school and some much longer--Nicole (teal shirt in front) was my first friend from this group at age FIVE! Oh, the history . . . . since they are intermingled very much in my life, they will not be surprised to see themselves on my page--once I get around to giving them a link to this. :) And someday, I'll tell you more about how I made that cornice board and how I think that outdoor accessories, like the ones on the wall to the right, can easily work into your interior decor too! Oh, and that chick that looks like me in black and white--that's my twin, Kim. I'm blending into the window treatment in the very back . . .

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Jenn said...

Hi Kiersten! I am going to link to your blog tonight to pass on your blog to my friends. You have lots of great ideas that I think others could learn from. I was tell my husband about your company and we both agreed that we wished you lived in Texas, because when we move we could use your advice. :o)

By the way a blog reader is a great tool. I use Bloglines but there are others out there. It organizes the blogs you read and tells you when new posts are added - that way you do not have to check each individual blog. Does that make sense?