Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a blogging failure!

Wow. It's been a long time. At one point, I had readers and people who 'followed' me but I have really failed at this blogging thing. I'll tell you all, I have no real patience for blogging, or perhaps just It is PAINFULLY slow, don't ya think?
I'm a big facebooker. As someone self employed and with no real coworkers, I find it a great way to have conversations with adults and be the social person that I am! I post a lot of pictures there and am amazed at how fast their uploader is. I then come here and am TORTURED with the uploading system. I have also really thought recently about how my clients find me and it's not really through my blog traffic. What I did realize is that almost every client I have had in the past year has been on facebook and many of them asked me about my business because of pictures I shared on my personal page and actually became a client because of facebook. And people say that place is a waste of time! What I really want to share with those that are interested are photos with a little bit of words and blogging is mostly words with a little big of photos.
So, my point of this is that I am working now on getting a business page up that will focus on sharing my creative side and work, mostly through pictures. So there may be an album of a room Before and After of a clients or it may be my latest craft project! Whatever amuses me creatively-kinda like how this blog has been! I will post here again as I promised I would share something here soon and will post again with a link to my FB business page once I'm ready. I'm sorry to those who I abandoned in blogger world but am guessing you have started FB pages as well since I am not the first one to make this move . . . I hope to see you in FB land instead!

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Name: Annette said...

Can we get you on Face Book now? I really enjoyed your blog.