Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Values/Rules group project

Last Fall, I shared Family Values canvases that my friend Lisa and I completed.
That post is here!

I was inspired to complete this project from a post I saw on The Pleated Poppy. I don't know that I've ever seen a project inspire more people that this one!

Here again is the Family Values canvas that I made.

And here is the one that Lisa made.

So, Lisa mentioned it to a craft group that she is a part of at First United Methodist Church in Oviedo, FL and they too were inspired! They were finishing up a project at their Wednesday night class and asked if she would show them how to make these! She asked if I would help so both of us attended the classes to pass along this great project to others! We took our canvases and showed them how we did it and I also shared about 40 pictures that I found online, mostly from comments at The Pleated Poppy where people shared their versions. This is a great project to show your creative side and make something special for your home with your family's input!

I asked if I could share their finished projects so that we could give credit back to Lindsey and her guest blogger Nicole at The Pleated Poppy for inspiring so many of us.

Below is a picture of each person's completed canvas with a close up of my favorite part of their project!

Big swirl-this canvas was completed with lots from the Cricut

How perfect, the smear for 'imperfection' was an accident. I love that.

More fun swirls and I love how precise this one is
COLOR. I love a girl who loves color!

So much texture! That letter I think is an iron on? She used lots of great accents!
SO FUN! Can't you see the personality in this one? Bling and spunk, love it!
One of our members enjoyed this project so much that she completed her rules canvas and then made this sign. When we were finishing up the class, she was about 65% way done with an awesome Pool Rules canvas! She caught the mod podge bug!
I really enjoyed being a part of this class and hope you enjoyed seeing their completed projects!

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Chris said...

I was completely inspired by this project, and back in March I completed mine at a crafting weekend. If you'd like to see, I put it on my teaser blog here:

I really wanted to add "try flushing" like I saw on someone else's, but it just didn't 'flow'. :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

LOVE THIS!!!! I'm totally stealing this idea, but I promise I'll link back to you when I get mine up. Thanks for the great idea!

cannwin said...

I've done something like that too! But since most of my crafts have some sort of practical use to them as well I changed it up just a little.

momof3girls said...

oh I love the texture!! I love it!! I want to try my hand at it, I love this type of subway art but since I did not have a a neat circuit I did not think it was possible - thanks!!!!!

Mary P said...

I really love this a lot! It looks so fantastic!

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