Thursday, March 20, 2008

Window Treatments

Here are a few window treatments I have made, all very different. I think that a high end treatment can change a room and take it from okay to gorgeous. However, I also think that a little creativity on a small budget can go a LONG way! Here are some examples: The treatment was with a pattern, is lined with the same fabric the couch is slipcovered in and took a lot of fabric and a lot of time. It has a heavy trim and the time involved in making this is where the cost of some treatments comes from! The second one is 'altered' drapes! I took two cream panels that I had no need for, had my husband cut two 1x2's 2" longer than the window and created these working roman shades. I cut the fabric and liner, sewed on the 2 different trims and then stapled them on the board. I then sewed the rings on to make it function and then carefully screwed them onto the wall. Obviously, some very precise measurements and a level were a part of this but for the cost of trim and some roman shade rings, I think they are a gorgeous 'altered' treatment! This treatment was for a large slider that is 10' long yet the plan was not to stay in this home and a large expense was not an option! We bought this fabric and swagged it over a strong rod and there isn't a single stitch of thread. Not only can the 25' of fabric be used in the next home but there was no expense in sewing! And it looks amazing! If you notice the additional texture on the treatment, we draped glass red beads on the swags when decorating for the holidays and liked the way it looked so much, we never took them down.

Three treatments--high end custom, altered from something store bought and a 'no sew' option--and all take the windows from ho-hum to gorgeous!!!


m said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello.

Those are lovely window treatments! Keep up the good work.

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Big Nanny said...

Love your blog. I think I have the same fabric for my kitchen curtains. Yours are a little fancier:)Very cute. Can't wait to see what you do with that family room.