Sunday, March 16, 2008

Empty walls--what to do?

There are times where a wall just feels boring and you just don't know what to do. My favorite solution is . My mother sells it and it is the perfect thing for an area where art or pictures just might not work but you need something to take it from good to great. Here is a wall in my boy's bathroom. I enjoyed painting the stripes and loved the room but with two elementary age boys, I couldn't see art work or pictures. Here is my solution. This is basically just like a rub on tattoo and is also removable!

This was hard to photograph because of the bright light coming through the doors but it says "A house is built with Boards & Beams, A home is build with Love and Dreams". This home is a farmhouse and window treatments weren't wanted in the area yet that space was SO bare. Iron scrollwork was considered and would also have looked amazing but each door is 6' wide and this would have cost quite a bit. This was less than $150 and makes quite a statement! What artwork can you buy that is 14 feet wide for that price?

If you want to check out their online catalog, go to the site, enter the customer area and enter this info to view. id-843597 token-marcy You will be required to register but won't be contacted. The info will be saved and makes it easier if you decide to place an order. The possibilities are endless!

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Tami said...

When we buy our house next Spring/Summer, I will want to use this stuff, I think. It looks so fun. Something different for the kids' rooms.