Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent Calendar

I saw this in Joanne's after Christmas last year. I yanked the silver plastic knobs out of the holes before I took this picture but most of them were missing. Which is why I got this item with a price tag of $50 for $4! Yes, $4!!!! The challenge was on ~ I wanted to alter it completely and have fun with it!
I painted it with my green wall paint. Then, in order to put new knobs on this, I had to drill all the way through the holes. And then there were some brads I wanted to use and they need to fit into the doors so I had to drill for those as well.
I had to be patient and wait for the large order I placed from as I didn't want to mix stuff ~ I wanted everything I used to be from the same line so that my over the top project pulled together well. I ended up buying "We Are Memory Makers" White-Out Christmas Collection.

Many hours later, here it is!

Here's the back

Close up of the side. I used 'frosting' as well ~ the stick on 'bling' that links together and it is so fun and easy to use! Another thing not from the paper line I mentioned would be the knobs. Those are beads. I wired them with a small bead behind the door to attach them.

More close ups of the 'Glitz Frosting' which is the stone like embellishment I used. You may notice that some of the items are outlined in white. That is a huge trick of mine. So that things don't appear cluttered, I use a white gel pen to outline embellishments. It makes them pop and cleans them up too!

The big door is so cute!
More details including a bead

One of the cute little doors!

I love my new advent calendar and hope you enjoyed seeing it!

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Lucrecia said...

I love it! And $4 is a wonderful bargain! I have a plain one from Michaels, but I don't think I'll be able even start until after Christmas.

SoBella Creations said...

Wow you did a fantastic job!

Charlie said...

SO awesome! You did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Blog Page,,, I would love to make one for myself as I host a large Cookie exchange party evey Year and I would love to share my pics & ideas ,and get ideas and tips from other cookie exchange Ladies.I'am somewhat computer illterate.I would very much appreciate any info on the site to use, for Blogging.
Thank You Tracey