Saturday, August 1, 2009

PTA Events

I am no longer doing hospitality for PTA and thought I should post what I did do over the past 2 years! It was a LOT of work but so much fun and I really enjoyed it. We are weeks away from the new school year so it may seem like I'm in a sharing mood but no, I have to get these pictures to the new committee chair(s) and am in scramble mode! We pass on notebooks to help the new chairs understand the position and I certainly have LOTS of information but have I printed these pictures, NO! So I finally pulled together pages for each event and now just need to print! But why not blog first? That doesn't require me to leave the couch and it is midnight and I am watching Sex and the City. So a blogging we will go . . .
This is the Welcome Back Teachers Breakfast that we did 2 years ago. The school theme was "Reading for Treasure" and I had fun running with that! This last year's theme was Wild about Reading. We are in a rural area so the school focused on camo for 'wild' and again, I had fun! I made that truck that is holding muffins and all the leaves my co-chair and I cut out and then twisted grocery bags into the branches to hang from the ceiling. That was a bit of work but looked great, don't you think?!

The new chairs (big job so we co-chair!) are working hard now to prepare for this years event and I'm sure it will be wonderful. We LOVE our school and our teachers so this job really is an honor as it's all about rewarding our amazing staff!

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SoBella Creations said...

I'm sure the teachers felt welcome! What great themes for each year. And great decorations.