Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few things in the Pool House

I finally had an ENTIRE day to craft for myself! Yay! This is what happens when an ADD girl with an entire day crafts! I needed to laminate some labels and had no more chairs to move to so that's when I organized my projects again! I got lots done! My poolhouse is NOT done but I wanted to show you a few things! I haven't printed the actual labels as I still need to sort into all my new bins but the pretty tags are ready for labels once I get to that part! The tags on the metal buckets are laminated so I can changes things around and put on a new label whenever I want.

Fun decor

More with some empty spots ready to fill.

I started sewing but have lots to finish. This is part of some small curtains covering lower parts of bookcases for hidden storage. I am making pillow shams with the print fabric and bed skirt with the green.

Here's my clock! The furniture is white so this is perfect right??? Ha! No way! This is my clock 'before' and I bought it at Walmart for a whole $4! This is my favorite type of decorating project!

Here it is after! The little sign says "it's 5 o'clock somewhere' in case you can't read it!

Not a good zoom quality but I had to make sure you saw all the fun bling on it--it's quite fun to do something girly since I'm a Mom of 2 boys!

Love my new stainless steel desk where I will do lots of sewing! Here's what I have on one corner.

Bedding isn't done but throw pillows are ready! Stein Mart has fabulous pillows!

I sure hope I can get the room done so I can show you the rest but had to share a few details since I finally got lots done!

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SoBella Creations said...

My DD saw the seahorse pillow and loves it!!

Can't wait to see the finished pool house.

trans globe lighting said...

You are so crafty. I wish I was a little bit more on the crafty side.

Prudence said...

SOOOOOO beautiful! I love the clock!! That is absolutely awesome. It is always 5 o'clock around here!! lol...

Decorating Queen said...

That clock is divine! I love all of your little details!