Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wanted: Creative Space for a Creative Girl!

Does this look like a room that belongs to a cool creative person? No? That is the problem!!! This room belongs to a Creative Memories consultant who also gets paid to make scrapbooks for others. Yup, you heard it right--people pay her to scrapbook. L.U.C.K.Y. Years ago, she moved into this spare room with first the desk. Then she grew out of that and added the bookcases. Then that wasn't enough space so in came the table. The closet continued to house all her crafting supplies, wrapping items and her large stock of Creative Memories products that are available to her customers until it started to burst!!! She has clearly grown out this space and this space does not represent her crafty, pulled together self!

Here's something I love about her. Many people have 'stuff' and aren't sure what they have. She knows what every single thing is. See the picture below? I would point to a box or basket and she could tell me exactly what was in it. Each grouping of photos is a specific event or planned album. Even the baskets are labeled!

She knows how to keep her things organized but there were a few things holding her back!

-the space she needs (work space and storage)

-areas for her current projects, of which there are many (all we crafty people can relate, I know I can!)

-storage items that work together. She bought some baskets but then 6 months later needed more and got another kind and though they would work on their own, together they just don't all tie together.

-a style update is needed. She is OVER the flowers and wants a fun but classic space to not only allow her to work in peace but inspire her!

This is a fun makeover! We have worked together for weeks now and though we aren't quite done, I will give you a sneak peek in a few days!!!
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jenjen said...

How exciting! I wish I could pay someone to scrapbook for me - I am so behind!

I can't wait to see the results!!!


SoBella Creations said...

I can't wait to see the transformation. How I dream of having a crafting room.