Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twin Nursery

Oh, this could be the longest post ever. I'm sorry. See, it's a bit more than just a 'post'. It's a baby nursery for some special babies. See, I'm a twin and guess what? Okay, saying this doesn't really get old at all . . . . My Twin is Having Twins! Yup, two girls! Kim lives 7 hours away but I made several trips and did LOTS of work in between the trips in order to pull off her nursery.

I'm really trying to edit all this but also want to show you everything as we both worked really hard to get this room as over the top as we could! Ha! She's been trying to have a baby for only 8 years so please just follow along on our whim . . . . Oh, I should also add that I have 2 boys so as soon as I heard 'girls' my mind got busy!
Okay, here is the bedding she picked. This is of course where it starts--fabric. Note a few things as I am the queen of Altering! The window valance came with the bedding set but was not interesting enough for us to use. The mobile is adorable but doesn't everyone have it mounted on the crib on the plastic arm thing? Can't have that! Ha! The sheets are cute but with the bold bedding, we decided they were really too busy. But we don't waste! So as you see the room, look for these things as they were all used, just not as they were supposed to be!

Here are some before pictures. Painted room! We got the cribs put together and moved in all the shower stuff and started piling all we needed. Lots of fabrics, ribbons, canvases and stuff! The cribs piled full of more stuff! A white rocker that our Mom found at a yardsale for $30. An outdoor metal shelf that Kim painted. This is what we started with and had many projects going and nothing done!

Cribs are made with cute and fun bedding (notice we used a solid sheet, so much easier to look at don't you think?) and now we need to make the room match the bedding! It is time to WORK! Kim's 8 year old daughter (she also has a 10 year old son) delivered drinks--how cute is she?
I shopped where I live and sewed a ton before arriving for our busy weekend! I wanted to pull the flowers and fun colors into the window and here is what I came up with! We decided to have fun with ribbon too so that is what we used for the tieback. Kim loves pom pom trim so I had to work that in. I showed Kim an inspiration picture for this but didn't let her know exactly what I was doing so that I could surprise her and she loved it!

I don't know if I need a better camera but I can NOT take a picture showing you the entire room. But it's not a huge room. It's a 4 bedroom home and this room is closest to the master. The door, closet and window are all on different walls and the only complete wall has the door opening onto it so it ended up TIGHT! We really struggled with the crib placement and everything traditional did not work. After a couple creative ideas that did not go over well, I put the cribs back to back and finally we all sighed with a bit of relief. It's certainly unique! It's tight on the left side of the crib but will work really well! Next was to create a great focal point for the cribs and Kim saw a picture that inspired this canopy! Here is the basic mobile but off the plastic arm and hanging in the center of both cribs on lots of ribbon!

Next, I must sew something to jazz up that boring white rocker. I have some pink fabric left, those crib sheets we didn't use, that valance that was cute but too boring for the window, some sheer window panels I saved from my old house and some green polka dot fabric that I bought. Here's my fabric mound. By the end of the sewing project which took way too many hours, my back was killing me and I never wanted to sew ever again, but we were all thrilled with what I created!
Here are pictures of the room put together!

And some details! Kim painted the canvases and then used uppercase Living for the words. It is a bit surreal to see my name in their room and I am honored that 'baby B' will be named after her aunt, ME! She also painted the shelf and the dresses will be replaced with christening gowns one day soon. I used the same flowers that are on the window topper and these are on a tiny table to the left of the cribs in the corner. She had some Southern Living at Home items sitting around and rubbed paint on the wall art to tie it into the room and I added ribbon to the door buckets for a bit of color.

Do you think she's ready???? These pictures were taken 3 months before her due date and LOOK at all she has? She has great friends and had fabulous showers!

I can't wait to meet these baby girls and will share that with you once that happens!

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southerninspiration said...

I'd ALMOST be willing to have twins if you would come to do my nursery for me!! Well, really just kidding, but it is entirely adorable! GREAT job!


MeganSloan said...

WOW! I love the nursery and I love the idea of putting the beds like you did. You did such a great job and those girls are going to be so lucky! :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love this nursery! Doing kid/baby rooms is the most fun of all because you can really go over the top and nobody blames you. Nice work! :)

Nancy Sabina said...

That rocking chair is just ridiculously beautiful. Good grief! The whole room is just fab.

Mindy said...

It turned out so cute! I really love the canopy idea and having the mobile do double duty one for both babies and they will be able to use it longer since it's up so high they can't reach it to pull it down or break it. I have triplets and it's hard to work around multiple cribs like that. I've had another baby since and now I have 4 kids in one room. It's right but it works!

Ashley said...

I absolutly love the ribbon on the mobile and curtains. I have never seen that done. Wonderful job!! P.s. I look forward to all your blog post,-keep them coming!! Thanks:)

SoBella Creations said...

The nursery is adorable. You and your sister did a fantastic job. Any little child would be so happy to call that their room.

J Claire said...

Very nice! You should enter your pictures in the baby nursery pictures contest that's just kicked off on my site! Here are some entries from previous previous contests.

jenjen said...

How EXCITING! Wow! The nursery turned out so great. It is adorable!


Sara said...

Oh how adorable...great job!! Your sister is lucky to have you :)

Kelli said...

New to your blog...I love it and it's just what I need right now as I'm trying to organize my entire house. I'm in the middle of my daughter's room now. Cute nursery!

Creative Baby Nursery Rooms said...

Wow - the hard work really paid off! The nursery is gorgeous. Would you mind if I include it in the gallery on my website?
I would love for my readers to see it.
Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

Pixeltrash said...

Seriously... that is the cutest baby room I've ever seen! Love the rocking chair and the little outfits that match hanging below the shelves. You both worked really well together! LOVE it!

emily said...

I'm so impressed with everything. You are so talented! Love it.