Sunday, January 25, 2009

My kitchen window treatment, revisited

A reader was kind enough to ask about the window treatment in my kitchen that she noticed in my fall decor pictures. She wanted a closer look. Thanks for noticing it because it was the first thing I ever sewed from a pattern and was TONS of work! I choose the fabric because it has all the colors that are in my main living areas and I personally LOVE to sew with plaid because it makes measuring and cutting and sewing SO much easier (you just follow the lines!) so I felt for my first pattern it was just the way to go! I bought the same fabric that one of my sofa slipcovers is made from, a butter yellow duck fabric, and that is what backs it. So here it is a bit closer.

The red trim seems rather bold close up but it's a large area so it works! Now, I went to this reader's blog, Little *Precious Boutique, so I could actually refer to her by name but I didn't find it anywhere. I did see her amazing vibrant photography thought! She mentioned about having hers made but if she has anything to do with her etsy show, she seems to sew! So, whether you need this for yourself or whomever sews for you, this is a pattern from Vogue & the number is V7984. Here is a picture of all that comes in that pattern, obviously I used the bottom right. I added the trim and one thing I did that wasn't on the pattern was to wrap a part of the trim around each loop. With such busy fabric, that part just blended in and you didn't notice that detail and that tiny bit of trim fixed that! I will warn you, this requires a TON of fabric and I was stunned at how much I had to buy. I don't remember the exact but it was 3 or 4 times the length of the window, just an FYI!

I taught myself how to sew many years ago because I just could never find what I wanted or if I did, I was appalled at how much it cost. I started unsure of how to make a square pillow and just kept at it and now will tackle almost anything and am still amused that I now get paid to sew!

My most favorite topic though when it comes to sewing and why I sew is that a huge thing I love to do is to alter store bought items. Sewing is essential to take something simple from ho-hum to WOW. Here is an example of that. My client found this bedding that she loved. You can see some of the throw pillows on the couch that has the coordinating striped fabric which is also on the shams on the bed. This is the set where you have some choices but all that was availabe for windows was a 40" long valance. My client bought 2, thinking we'd just pop a rod on top of that huge window and it would work. OH NO, IT WON'T! Ha! Imagine just a straight line of a short valance on this huge window and massive room? But in her eyes, it was the only option so her though made sense. You can't buy this fabric elsewhere so what choice do you have? That's where a decorator and someone who can see things differently comes in! So, I found gorgeous store bought drapes in cream and had her return 1 valance. I took the other valance and chopped it up, sewed on loops, redid the seams, bought these finials and completely altered that boring valance into toppers of gorgeous 10' tall treatments that you could never buy from a department store. It's these little details that transform a space when decorating.
Very soon, I will show you a few things that were done with items I didn't love in a 'bed in the bag' type set for a nursery. I put another boring valance as well as sheets to good use and can't wait to share that project with you! Oh, and the mobile--I can't wait to show you what was done with the baby mobile! Coming soon . . .

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Anonymous said...

Are you related to Martha Stewart? Seriously - I love your blog. Thanks for posting all these goodies!

Carla said...

On the drapes with the long window... What did you do for rods... I have a long window and would like panels, however, I don't want to use a long 6 ft. rod; however, I'm afraid it will look odd with just little rods for the panels... Suggestions?

Little*Precious Boutique said...

Oh, what a treat!!
Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

I do sew, but I am REALLY critical of my work...

I spend 75% of my time in my kitchen & I just KNOW I would not be happy with curtains that I made myself, I would constantly see flaws! LOL

I added a bitty bio on my blog (LONG overdue), I apologize for being the mystery comment person. Thanks again, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next! :)


The Pretty Neat Company said...

It's Mandy! Glad you have a name! :) Hope this helps get your project moving!

I am not related to Martha as Martha gardens. Funny this came up today as the gorgeous topiaries that are in my Christmas pictures on my front porch are officially dead. As well as the topiaries on my back patio that are tall and were not cheap. Uggh! So my husband came home today and commented on them and said perhaps I should just stick to plastic. I don't know how to keep anything green!

Carla, for that treatment, I used finials mounted to the wall (so no rod) on the topper and then just hid the heavy drape under the topper so that you didn't see the rod with an affordable white one. If you are doing tall panels on a large wall and want to accent to height, I agree that you don't want a long rod. But you have to have something strong so that it doesn't look wimpy. It's a bit tricky depending on the width but I would suggest getting wood rods with strong finials and you will most likely have to cut the rods down to the length you need. Hope that makes sense!

Astrid said...

Gorgeous window treatment! I don't think I could ever sew anything like that...I'd end up with a disaster!
(I am slowly learning how to sew but I'm in the mostly tears phase of learning).

Monkey Giggles said...

Hi there,

Thank you for your prayers. It's nice to meet you.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Those are so pretty. I'm not usually a valance fan, but those are so much more than a valance--they're beautiful.

~ Sarah

Tammy said...

I love your blog! I too am a decorator that works from my home. I am in the Pacific Northwest. I love looking at the tour of your home and the pictures of your clients projects. I see so much of my style in your work and in your inspiration. I too love Ballard and uppercase living. I will be checking back often.

motherof3fellows said...

I love this kitchen window treatment, softens the window,but yet does not cover your view,and still lets in all that light, which I LOVE.

I love all your organization ideas too:)

Name: Annette said...

Hi Kiersten,
I have a 6 year old son who is autistic & I loved the notebook you made up for your son. I made one for my son and presented it to his teachers today. They loved it! I really think this will help with our communication & work that needs to be sent home. Thanks for posting it!

The Pretty Neat Company said...

Astrid, I was there once!

Annette, I love that my book helped you! Thanks for sharing that with me. It is a tough journey but with many blessings too!