Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wallpapered Niche

Here again is the before:
I asked if anyone had any idea what I was up to and yes, you guessed it--Wallpaper! I know, wallpaper is not on the top of most of our lists of great things. If you have ever removed it, you are, I'm sure, with me! I knew I wanted something different in this area above my refrigerator. I had lived with the green for a year, thinking and thinking about what it is I wanted to do there.
At one point, I though it would be fun to decoupage it with scrapbook paper as I was inspired by this from several decorating blogs. But I'm picky. And they didn't railroad. Meaning--match, line up, connect. So I checked out wallpaper and fell in love with this wine label paper. It had great bold color that matched my home so I decided to just do it! I bought the cheapest paste so that I can pull it down in a year or two when a new idea strikes me. I picture this spot being a place where I can move things around as I am inspired or my collections change.
Once I was done, the red pottery just was too much with the white and the wallpaper so I pulled more of my white collection together (American Atelier, Athena with a few pieces from their Baroque line). I do not normally encourage wallpaper but it's great for a small 'pop' in places like this. You can back display cabinets or bookcases too! This spot took me 5 hours by the way, imagine wallpapering the inside of a box! I won't take this project on again anytime soon!

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Anonymous said...

love the wallpaper...can you tell me the brand or book you found it in.

The Pretty Neat Company said...

I do not remember BUT I did a fast search and found it, sort of. I bought it at Lowes and the cool thing about the paper is it came in 6 or so different colors from pales to mostly tan tones to dark wine red and then this one which had my fun bright colors! SO, I found this code #CHI-FFM10223 and when I searched it I found 2 of the color options but not all of them and not the one I bought. Same paper though so if you find this one, you found the other if that makes sense. Perhaps with this code, you could call Lowes and see if they know what book it is out of? The managers there know their stuff so I bet that department head knows the brand? I wish I could tell you more but didn't keep the receipt!