Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tour of My Home

Welcome to my Home! If I were a Gardener, you'd want to see what my yard looked like, right? You can certainly see that I'm not a landscaper! That is on my list of things to do, I promise! Dentists had better have white teeth! And hairdressers should always have great hair! So I assume you wonder, how do I live? My #1 goal with my customers and with my blog is to bring beautiful living and functional living together and I would love to show you how I live.

We have been here since the Spring of 2007. I drew the plans for this house years ago and always had a 'vision' of what my dream home would look like. When we finally found land, I took my drawings to our structural engineer and we had blueprints done and submitted for permitting 2 months later! Nine months later, the house was done! You can do things fast when you know what you love and what you want. I enjoyed the process immensely and loved planning it all from the 'big picture' items to even the smallest details!

I'm still not done, but who ever is? In almost every room, I see things that I need to do or things that aren't complete in my opinion but I will go ahead and start this so you can see how it is now and as things change, I'll show you that as a project!

Because my goal is to always make something beautiful as well as functional, I will show you each room and then point out something "pretty" that was either a focal point or something I created for that space and then something "neat" that helps myself or my family use that space better or easier.

I will try to put up a new room every week until our tour is done!

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